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We are also a gallery! All be it a very small one. We show contemporary works from local artists that are for sale or not!

We are currently hosting exhibitions by three different artists:

- an anonymous street artist (courtyard sculpture)

- Hannah Blight Anderson

- Cordelia Hutchison

A local anonymous street artist

Carecrow is a symbol of Mother Nature, created as an alternative to the traditional scarecrow whose job is to scare creatures away.

When hung with feeders and scraps she becomes a welcoming haven for the peckish.

This is the work of a Bristol artist who prefers to remain unknown.

Much of what he does has a habit of appearing in public spaces whithout official approval and is therefore often short lived.

This is a rare example of a piece that has survived in a hostile climate.

This piece is not for sale.

Check the artist work on www.gettinguptostuff.com

Hannah Blight Anderson
After graduating two years ago Hannah has exhibited work both nationally & internationally. In 2015 Hannah was shortlisted for the "Jerwood Drawing Prize" 2015. She is currently based in Bristol. Hannah's enquiries revolve around the ideas of what constitutes a portrait in today's society.


Can you ever truly see yourself?

To be is to be perceived, to know oneself is only possible through the eyes of another.

Art is in the seeing

Our vision is constantly active, reacting to the present surrounding's informing each moment of our lives.

When you look at your reflection, what do you see?

What is the essential to our being?

What are not static or fixed forms but in constant transit, alongside the world we live in.

The multidisciplinary work provides a source for the viewer to directly relate to something which is seemingly nothing. A blurred line of abstraction and likeness.


Cordelia Hutchison
This is the second time we host an exhibition with Cordelia.

Cordelia Hutchison is a History of Art Graduate but has always had a passion for fine art. During her degree at Bristol University she had the opportunity to study both History of Art and Fine Art in Florence. Studying in Florence at the Charles Cecil School of Fine art was a chance for Cordelia to learn some of the old Atelier techniques and study in depth from the life model.

Cordelia’s work has been shown at the Mall Gallery in London, the Affordable Art fairs in in both London and Bristol and Harvey Nicholls, Bristol.
Cordelia’s work is particularly concerned with the effects of light on water and capturing the heat of a summers day. Cordelia also paints still lifes inspired by vintage vases and fabrics.

Website: www.cordeliahutchison.com

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