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We are also a gallery! All be it a very small one. We show contemporary works from local artists that are for sale or not!

We are currently hosting exhibitions by two different artists:

- an anonymous street artist (courtyard sculpture)

- Nick Pike

Bristol Angel by a local anonymous street artist

Real or imagined, angels are a comforting metaphor in a troubled word. This is the prototype of a series of angels that will appear in the city as a reminder that we are all each others guardians.

With courage, compassion and the right sunglasses, we can all be sublime.

This piece is not for sale.

Check the artist work on www.gettinguptostuff.com

Nick Pike

Nick recreates everyday life into striking scenes with vibrant colours and stirring movement, applying paint with sponges and palette knives to achieve rich textures. Walking through the countryside and cities he looks for stories to embellish.

Nick is a guide for "Cotswold Natural Mindfulness", organising art inspired walks which he has developped to awaken the senses and boost creativity. Scenes from Painswick, Slad Valley, Bisley and Guiting Power have been influenced by these walks.

The interiors portfolio explores aspects of daydreaming.. "Through our imagination, we can give like and meaning to everything we see. This is multiplied when a window is added to provide another perspective or a different point of view."

Nick has a new collection of European scenes from his recent travels. Painted entirely with sponges, veering from post-impressionism to abstraction, the pictures of Amsterdam and Paris evoke the atmosphere at night in the rain.

Nick was born in Cirencester. He sturdied art & illustration at Northbrook College in Worthing, before returning to the Cotswolds. He exhibits his paintings across the country and also works from comission to animal, people and house portraits. He curently resides and works from his studio in Bisley St Painswick.



Please see below the list of previous exhibitions:

Scot Burgoyne (August 2012)

Lucy Naraidoo (January 2013)

Kate Evans (April 2013)

Charles Emerson (April 2013)

Charlotte McLaughlin (August 2013)

Victoria Forrest (February 2014)

Cordelia Hutchison (August 2014)

Emma Roch (August 2014)

Nick Pike (October 2015)

Ruth Molloy (January 2015)

Andrew Hood (August 2015)

Tom Hughes (January 2016)

Emma Jean Kemp (February 2016)

Faisal Khouja (April 2016)

Martin Packford (August 2016)

Xavier Decup (December 2016)

Hannah Blight Anderson (March 2017)

Cordelia Hutchison (March 2017)

Nick Pike (August 2017)













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For vegetarian, pescaterian guests or any diatery requirement we request 48 hours notice.

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It is with regret that we must now take credit card details of customers when they book with us. We have resisted this move for several years.

Unfortunately a small independent business like ours cannot afford to support those who do not show up for their reservations.

A sad case of the few spoiling it for the many. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause you.

No show & last minute cancellation fee is £25pp. We request 24h notice for a cancellation.

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